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Design your product, set a price, and start selling

T-shirts lined up on a rack.
T-shirts lined up on a rack.

Nobody rejects something free.

Especially when you earn some cash for free, it’s like taking a ride to the Moon.

Even I was trying to earn some extra cash without investing. And what I did was start a T-shirt business.

Yeah! A T-shirt business.

Now, you might think, to start any business, start-up money is a must. Then how could I start one?

I did this through print-on-demand websites.

A print-on-demand website is an online marketplace where you can design your favorite products (T-shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, mugs, and more) and earn a passive income by selling them.

The interesting fact…

An in-depth look at how poor sleep destroys our life.

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There’s no aspect of your mental, emotional, or physical performance that’s not affected by your sleep.

Almost all of us know this, but don’t get enough sleep.

Many of us only think that sleeping is the period when our brain shuts off and the body is at complete rest. But sleeping is an active process.

While sleeping, our brain processes everything we saw, heard, and learned during the whole day. Also, our body strengthens the immune system, regulates the metabolism, and repair our damaged cells.

But have we ever thought that sleep deprivation can harm our health and creativity in…

Write an article, submit it, and get paid

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Writing is a trending topic nowadays.

Many people are diving into writing. They are making it one of their habits. Also, there are people whose favorite pastime is writing.

And earning money through a pastime can never be a bad idea. Your writing only needs to be error-free. For that, you can re-check your work with some editing tools.

Even I was also trying to do some side hustle besides my study. And Medium’s Partner Program really helped me in this regard as I always had an interest in writing.

But, then, I thought — isn’t there another way of…

Use online designing tools as I do

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This is a world of logos.

There is nothing without a logo. To start a business, design a website, start a print-on-demand t-shirt business logo is a must. It identifies the brand to peoples.

Even I was also in need of logo designs when I started my print-on-demand
t-shirt business. But I didn’t know about creating a design in photoshop or illustration at that time.

After a lot of research, I found some online tools that can create meaningful logo designs. And honestly, these tools helped me a lot.

If you are also hunting for this kind of tool, then…

Guidelines, my experience, and more

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Who doesn’t want to be a better writer?

Every writer wants their writing error-free, understandable, and professional. You might be a professional or native English speaker but, not everyone is. But nobody denies a second check on their writing.

As a student and writer, I have to write many notes in the English language. So, there is no way to make any mistakes. But to err is human. Even a professional can make a mistake.

When I started writing, there used to be many grammatical errors. So, I started searching for such an online tool that can help me in…

Don’t think twice. Just start.

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Earning through freelancing is a talked-about topic nowadays. There is nobody unaware of freelancing. Everybody wants to make some extra cash via freelancing. Because freelancing is such a workplace that gives us freedom. You can work anytime as per your wish. You don’t have to fear that you might get late for office. But when a beginner learns about earning by freelancing a lot of questions come across his or her mind. Such as-

How much can I earn through freelancing? I’m just a fresher or a newly graduated, can I also be employed through freelancing? Can I run my…

First attempts often fail. Just keep going.

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I still remember that day. It was the 5th of August 2020. I woke up in the morning and realize that I don’t have to attend classes because of the Covid-19 pandemic. And I started sleeping again.

At first, I thought it would be very joyous to live a life with no classes and exams. But it took only a few days to make me feel bored.


I was getting bored sitting idly. I wanted to go out even if it was my classes I wouldn’t mind. I just wanted to do something for myself and also for my…

Can you really earn money without any skill?

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Earning money through freelancing is not a new thing. But nowadays it has been limited to skilled professionals such as coders, UI/UX designers, accountants, web developers, and many similar jobs like that. But many people don’t have any skills to earn money. But have you ever thought about how to earn money without any skill? Well! If you go to the title, then it is completely misleading. Because there are no such jobs on any freelancer sites that offer us to make money without any kind of skill. You should have at least some basic skills like typing, wonderful communication…

11 foods that will boost your immunity

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Is there anybody who doesn’t want to lead a healthy life? The answer is a BIG NO. We can enjoy our life only when we have sound health. Moreover, in this Coronavirus pandemic, it is everyone's utmost responsibility to maintain a healthy life which is only possible by boosting our immunity. Besides exercising and workout we can boost our immunity by having some tasty and cheap fruits in our daily routine. If you are unaware of that, then you are in the right place. Here are the foods-

Citrus Fruits

8 easy ways to earn extra money

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Student life…one of the best periods of our life.

But sometimes our student life seems boring to us which led us to monotonous. But have you ever thought about how to get rid of it? Then yes, you’re at the right place.

Students can make their student life cheerful and enjoyable by working from home. All you need is a piece of laptop and internet connection. Today, students can find a variety of jobs on the web and take on them in their spare time to make extra cash. You can use your existing skills to find online jobs, or…

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